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Plans & Passes

Ready to dive in? See our Membership plans and passes below. Our CrossFit memberships include SWIFT and Yoga as a part of the memberships. If you choose to join our SWIFT/ Yoga program exclusively, you will not be able to access the CrossFit classes. For questions, group rates, discounts and more email info@naptownfitness.com.


Nutrition: ChowDown with NapTown $15 every month • 1 visit per Month • A monthly meal plan. To keep your nutrition on track.

Yoga: 1 Year Yoga Membership : Unlimited $1,008 • Unlimited visits for 12 months • Get down in your dog as much as you flippin' want with this unlimited yoga pass!
Aerial Class included. Extra hugs for consistent practice (optional- consent based).

Yoga: Membership Unlimited $108 every month • Unlimited visits • Get down in your dog as much as you flippin' want with this unlimited yoga pass!

Yoga: Membership 13X a Month $88 every month • 13 visits per Month • Digging the downdog? Enjoy our yoga classes (excluding aerial yoga) exclusively for 13 visits per month. This plan is reoccurring monthly.

Yoga: Membership : 8X a month $68 every month • 8 visits per Month

Nutrition Challenge: Messer healthy @ Home $50 • 1 visit per Month for 1 month • Nutrition Challenge: Messer healthy @ Home

Nutrition: Inner Circle $399 every month • Unlimited visits

Nutrition: Gold $199 every month • Unlimited visits

Nutrition: Silver $99 every month • Unlimited visits • Access to private group with macronutrient-based recipes and meal plans.

Workout App, With workouts for building muscle, fat loss, core, gluts, and home.

Tracking App.

Bi-weekly check in via email.

Monthly recipe pack, meal plan, and grocery list.

Nutrition: Group Coaching $60 every month • Unlimited visits

Nutrition: Virtual Group Coaching $60 every month • Unlimited visits

Yoga: 21-90 Challenge $90 every month • Unlimited visits • Wanna make yoga a habit? Did you know it takes 21 days to make a habit and 90 days to make it stick? Join our 21/90 challenge to make your yoga habit stick for life!
How it works: do 21 practices in 30 days, 3 times in a row (that's 63 practices in 90 days). If you complete 21 practices in all three months, you'll receive $21 off your 4th month! The package includes unlimited yoga to all our incredible classes + the perks of being a member. So what are you waiting for? Make yoga a lifelong habit today.


Strength & Fitness: Drop In $20 • 1 visit • Dropping in from out of town? Need the perfect box that is equal parts technique to sweat ratio? Well, we're pretty sure we're it... Want a t-shirt too? Add $15 to your drop in (pay at the Box, based off of availability of merchandise) and get a NapTown tee as a souvenir!

Yoga: Drop In $18 • 1 visit • Dropping in for class? Enjoy the lowest price for a yoga drop in within Indianapolis! Namaste.

Kids: NapTown Fit Pass $100 • 10 visits • This is a 10 class pass to get your kiddo working out! Utilize this pass for either family classes (punches applicable only to child athlete) or kid specific fitness classes.
  • Your child must fit the required age limit of the class
  • Each child must have a guardian waiver filled out for them prior to coming
  • Any medications, special circumstances, etc. must be communicated ahead of time
  • Child must be appropriately dressed for physical fitness
  • Guardian must be available to pick them up on time promptly after class
  • Kids need to be hydrated and bring a reusable water bottle with them to class
Group rates available

Nutrition: Coaching $75 • 1 visit

SWIFT: Foundations Special $109 • 2 visits •

Get started with SWIFT, a high-intensity interval training workout. SWIFT classes are 45-minutes and are an ideal starting point for most people.

SWIFT Foundations is a series of 3 visits you can use in a month. You’ll get private or semi-private one-on-one training with a coach to learn the moves. After Foundations, you’ll be ready to move into SWIFT.

Strength and Fitness: Foundations Special $249 • 4 visits •

An introduction to CrossFit designed to get you moving safely and quickly.

Regular CrossFit classes are 60 minutes and combine strength training with cardio. In Foundations, you’ll learn about safe movements, practices, and get a good workout at the same time.

After CrossFit Foundations, you’ll be comfortable in any CrossFit class. (Foundations is mandatory to enter group CrossFit classes.)

Yoga: Aerial 5 Class Punch Card $115 • 5 visits

Yoga: Aerial 10 Class Punch Card $190 • 10 visits