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Interested in meeting the most driven, fun, fantastic people in Indianapolis? Well then joining NapTown was the right choice! Don't miss out on meeting people in our awesome community by just sweating with them, hang out with them too! We are always looking for more ways to bring this community of like minded people together, so check back often for opportunities to engage in the NapTown community.

Yoga University: The Course $375Purchase required to enroll

Looking to deepen your practice but not interested in becoming a yoga teacher? Want to join Yoga Teacher Training but need an immersion class first? Yoga University might be just the ticket for you! 5 weeks. 4 hours every Sunday. In depth focus on postures, breath work, meditation, energy, history & philosophy. Think of it as summer school... but you actually want to be there, and the content is really cool :).

Goal Setting: Live a Life You Love $150 per classPurchase required to enroll

Ready to change your life for good? Living a life you love is possible, but it takes declaring what you want to the Universe and methodically plotting your plan of action. Join us for a month long goal setting seminar. In this time you'll be assigned an accountability partner (bring a buddy!), and week over week we will work through assignments individually and with our partner to set goals, establish habits and create DO NOT do lists to start living more intentionally and with greater purpose.

Karate/Self-Defense Excursion $175Purchase required to enroll

The self-defense excursion will be a total of eight sessions during the month of January. This course will be an overview of self-defense oriented principles, techniques, and tactics through the lens of old-school Karate. Material to be covered will include some aspects of striking, kicking, throwing, clinch fighting, and grappling.

No experience is required; this is an introductory course. The goal is exposure to basic self-defense skills, and the ability to practice specific techniques on your own. If you did wrestle in middle school or took judo as a little kid, this course will still be valuable - specific techniques are paired with discussions of principles and tactics that will give you new ways to think about the techniques you know.

Courses will run Sundays and Tuesdays, starting January 6th. Sign up ASAP - this excursion is capped at 12 people. It is expected that participants will attend all sessions. There is no separate pricing for half of the sessions or compensation if you cannot attend them all.

108 Sun Salutations $18 per classFrom $12 per visit with SWIFT & Yoga 10 Class Punch Card passPurchase required to enroll

Come ring in the new year the best way we know how- SWEATY! Join us for the sacred practice of 108 sun salutations.

Accompanied by fun beats, great people and a whole lot of chaturangas, this is sure to be the best way to start 2019. We encourage you to have been practicing yoga for at least 6 months prior to joining this class, as this is a rigorous flow. Prepare to be HELLA sore the next day, so come and practice with mega awareness!

**Don't think you can do 108? Do 25, do 56. Do what you can and breath through the rest! It's not about the number, but the presence you bring to the practice.

Mobility Excursion $100Purchase required to enroll

Interested in how to improve your mobility and strategies to do so? This is the excursion for you!

Mobility Excursion (Individual Sessions) $40 per classNo purchase required to enroll

NapTown Leadership Program Winter 2018 $499Purchase required to enroll