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Interested in meeting the most driven, fun, fantastic people in Indianapolis? Well then joining NapTown was the right choice! Don't miss out on meeting people in our awesome community by just sweating with them, hang out with them too! We are always looking for more ways to bring this community of like minded people together, so check back often for opportunities to engage in the NapTown community.

NapTown Social Free

Did you know you are working out next to the CEO of one of the leading companies in Indianapolis? Oh, and that person you just picked up and buddy carried down to the other side of the gym is a high profile lawyer at a major law firm downtown. :)
Have you ever wondered what NapTown members do outside of their gym clothes?

Now you have the chance to learn more. Home Buying! Help people understand how the process works, know their options and what can be expected of them. This will be a “how-to” conversation covering aspects of mortgage lending and the process of finding the right home with a realtor.

Kris GlasBurn: Realtor at Plat Collective
Aaron Schaler: Independent Mortgage Broker with Grandview Lending

Limited to 25 spots.

2019 Spring Sugar Shred $99Purchase required to enroll

The 2019 Spring Sugar Shred (SSS) is a 4 week reset that kicks off on Friday, April 26th. Yes, Friday not Monday, unless you need it to start on Monday!!

You will have all the information with meal plans accessible to you upon signing up for the challenge. The SSS starts out with a 21-day reset in which you will bypass foods with added sugars and even those with large amounts of natural sugars while still having the opportunity to enjoy some of your favorite whole grains, legumes and some dairy. (Check out the NapTown Nutrition Newsletter for more detailed information) The last 7 days will implement a process re-introducing some of those foods we’ve bypassed back into the body in a controlled measure. This is where the magic happens.

Reset your taste buds and break your sugar addiction to see BETTER MOOD, ENERGY LEVELS & SLEEP! Your challenge starts off with 20 min consultation that includes 2 InBody body composition scans, before and after the challenge, along with tape measurements to see exactly how the lack of sugar affects your muscle mass & body fat percentage along with some goal setting for the challenge. You will be part of a supportive FaceBook group and receive weekly meal plans including full grocery lists as well! Don't forget to opt in for the accountability text messages as well!

On Friday, April 26th, we are kicking off with a bang! Let’s all get together, have some food and drinks and talk about the challenge. On a weekly basis, we are going to meet up at the gym, share food and stories. Tentatively, on the 3rd Friday of the challenge, May17th, we will be meeting up at Nook to have an evening with fun and food.

Spring is upon us and Summer is almost here, and we want you to have energy to do all the things you love! Join us TODAY and shred those last few stubborn winter pounds! If you are an Ultimate member and want the discount, you must email info@naptownfitness.com to receive the discount.

O yeah, did we mention the chance to win a FREE month of Nutrition coaching and $300.00 CASH PRIZE :)