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Interested in meeting the most driven, fun, fantastic people in Indianapolis? Well then joining NapTown was the right choice! Don't miss out on meeting people in our awesome community by just sweating with them, hang out with them too! We are always looking for more ways to bring this community of like minded people together, so check back often for opportunities to engage in the NapTown community.

2019 Fall Full Body Challenge From $15 per visit with CrossFit Open Only $15 passPurchase required to enroll

This September 30th, The Fall Full Body Challenge is BACK!! Finish out 2019 by going into the Holiday Season with some healthy new habits and feeling your best. This year we are revamping the FFBC with some new additions.
1) Extended 6 Week Challenge
2) Paired with the CrossFit Open
3) Teams Edition
4) NapTown Nutrition Recipes accessible in MFP
5) Scoring System
6) Friend referral bonus

The FFBC was created to not just educate and improve on nutrition, but overall health and wellness. In past years we’ve scored points for water consumption, stress reduction and mindfulness, sleep, fitness and of course nutrition. This year we are also adding in screen time (iPhone or Android). This will not have an impact on overall score but to help bring awareness to self.

Go to the Fall Full Body Challenge landing page for all the deets!

NapTown Power, Speed, and Agility $30 per classFrom $25 per visit with 2 Classes of NapTown Power, Speed, and Agility passPurchase required to enroll

Come join NapTown Fitness Co-Owner and CrossFit Level 3 coach, Peter Brasovan, for this fun and "explosive" movement clinic. That classes will be at 922 N. Capitol September 19th & 26th from 6:15 - 7:45pm. You can do take only one or do both classes. This clinic will focus on the muscle groups and movements that are primarily responsible to help us move quicker. "Shakira" once said, "these Hips Don't Lie".

This clinic is open to all Indianapolis Residents that are looking to improve their adult fitness and functionality; including weekend warriors who simply want to perform better. We will be doing movements that include, but are not limited to: Banded Deadlifts, Various Box Jump exercises, Tire Flips, Med Ball Throws, Agility Ladder, T Drills, Beep Test and many more.

ENGAGE YOUR CORE: How Developing Emotional Intelligence Can Help You Win At Life Free

Join us for NapTown Happy Hour on Tuesday, November 12th from 6-8 pm as we discuss the benefits of strengthening your emotional intelligence muscles. You’ll get practical tips and resources for self-care, learn how to improve your communication skills, and understand the power of healthy emotional intelligence within relationships.

Led by Liz Howerth, a licensed mental health counselor, and Shannon Brasovan, the chief yoga instructor at NapTown, the evening will be a relaxed and engaging time. Beverages will be on-site (alcoholic and non-alcoholic).

Active Life Clinic

This event is for athletes who have been experiencing some level of pain or discomfort for at least a month in the gym and avoid the gym or skip a workout when a certain movement appears to avoid that pain. All participants will be led through a movement assessment to weed out what specific movements are giving them issues. After we have assessed movement patterns, we will go over how to scale around that pain so you can stop skipping the gym and feel confident in your ability to scale without causing yourself more pain.