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Yoga: Stars Aligned - Prepaid plan

For the human ready to live fully and astrologically aligned.
  • 8 week commitment (minimum)
  • 1 long form astrology reading + 2 check ins
  • unlimited yoga membership for 2 months
  • $200 per month or $375 up front
  • Includes 2020 astrology planner

*cancellation policy: cancelling/ rescheduling a one on one appointment 24 hours in advance is permissible, but any time shorter will count as the session being held (aka, you cancel, you lose it) so please cancel/ schedule wisely.

You are more than welcome to cancel your plan at any time, however no refunds will be issued. Please reach out to info@practiceindieyoga.com with questions or requests about your membership. You may "Pause" this membership for up to 4 weeks.

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