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How Yoga Works: An Intro to Yoga Course

If you've been looking for an in depth how to on how to get started with a yoga practice- this is it! Your instructor will guide you weekly on the who, what, whys and hows of the yoga practice, as well as go through each of the main yoga postures to set you up for success to join any style or level 1 to 1/2 class. This course begins at the start of each month and progresses through the 8 limbed path of yoga. It is expected that you begin the course at the start of the month to ensure you grasp the lessons as they are intentionally designed. Private sessions are available if special accommodations need to be made.

This course will provide:
  • 4 semi private sessions to teach you the philosophical and anatomical basics of the yoga practice (this meets every Tuesday at 7pm)
  • 4 regular sessions to refine lessons learned in the semi private sessions (this meets every Thursday at 5:05pm)
  • Unlimited Yoga for a month (attend any class you feel comfortable with along the way!)
  • Space is limited to 4-6 students per month to ensure maximum learning

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