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Aerial Yoga: Level 1/2

$25 per classFrom $19 per visit with Aerial Yoga 10 Class Punch Card passPurchase required to enroll Show full pricing
Single-visit price $25
Aerial Yoga 5 Class Punch Card $115 • 5 visits
Aerial Yoga 10 Class Punch Card $190 • 10 visits
Pay It Forward - 1 Month of Yoga $55 • Unlimited visits for 1 month • Looking to sponsor a student whose membership dues aren't in the budget this month? With the Pay It Forward Membership, you pre-pay for an unlimited month of classes and we anonymously award it to an applicant in need.
Yoga Membership : 8X a month $68 every month • 8 visits per Month
Yoga Membership : 13X a Month $88 every month • 13 visits per Month • Digging the downdog? Enjoy our yoga classes (excluding aerial yoga) exclusively for 13 visits per month. This plan is reoccurring monthly.
21-90 Challenge $90 every month • Unlimited visits • Wanna make yoga a habit? Did you know it takes 21 days to make a habit and 90 days to make it stick? Join our 21/90 challenge to make your yoga habit stick for life!
How it works: do 21 practices in 30 days, 3 times in a row (that's 63 practices in 90 days). If you complete 21 practices in all three months, you'll receive $21 off your 4th month! The package includes unlimited yoga to all our incredible classes + the perks of being a member. So what are you waiting for? Make yoga a lifelong habit today.

Yoga Membership : Unlimited $108 every month • Unlimited visits • Get down in your dog as much as you flippin' want with this unlimited yoga pass!
90 Day Transformation - SWIFT + Yoga $175 every month • 13 visits per Month
Stars Aligned - Prepaid plan $375 • Unlimited visits for 2 months • For the human ready to live fully and astrologically aligned.
90 Day Transformation - CrossFit + Nutrition $468 every month • 13 visits per Month
Holistic Health - Prepaid plan $700 • Unlimited visits for 3 months • For the human ready to live in full alignment with themselves.
The Goal Digger - Prepaid plan $850 • Unlimited visits for 3 months • For the Human ready to take 2020 on by storm! A 3 month prepaid plan.
Yoga: 1 Year Yoga Membership : Unlimited $1,008 • Unlimited visits for 12 months • Get down in your dog as much as you flippin' want with this unlimited yoga pass!
Aerial Class included. Extra hugs for consistent practice (optional- consent based).

Yogic Immersion - Prepaid Plan $1,400 • Unlimited visits for 4 months • For the human ready to explore yoga and themselves more deeply.
Defy gravity and feel like a BOSS yoga warrior doing it. Aerial yoga is a wonderful way to decompress the spine, work on inversions without fear, deepen stretches in unique ways and build strength. We recommend that you have been practicing yoga for at least 6 months before doing this class. You will want to understand basic yoga cueing before taking it off of the ground.

Please wear a tshirt and note that each class will vary based off of class description:
Aerial Yoga Deep Stretch is Practice Indie’s Yin class in the silks. If you don’t know what yin is, it’s long, held (typically seated or reclined) postures that encourage you to explore your mental and physical edge. Complete with a little levitation meditation at the end in your peaceful pod :).

Aerial Yoga Alignment Flow Enjoy the sweat and movement of a vinyasa flow with a little more emphasis on alignment using the silks. Alignment cues and short explained demos will allow for you to work more challenging poses into the sequence and create a greater understanding of mechanics, alignment, strength and surrender as you build your practice. The silk will help support opportunities that may be restricted by gravity or other factors. Come expand your practice with this class!

Aerial Yoga FLASHBACK Have a love for yoga and sweet jams? Soar it to new heights as you combine flow, an awesome soundtrack, and levitating! Join us for sweet beats and a silky flow.