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NapTown Nutrition

You can't outwork a bad diet. Clean up your diet, and change your life! Get started with NapTown Nutrition today to customize a nutrition plan that fits your life and FEEDS your life!

Nutrition: Coaching $75 per appointmentPurchase required to enroll

Nutrition: Health for a Lifetime $169 per appointment

Nutrition: Power House $199 per appointmentPurchase required to enroll

Nutrition: NapTown InBody Scan Purchase required to enroll

Nutrition: InBody Testing $20 per appointment

Nutrition: Spring Sugar Sherd 2020 $89Purchase required to enroll

The 3rd annual Spring Sugar Shred (SSS), which is a 4-week reset, kicks off on Saturday, April 18th with the kick-off meeting. This will give you time to ask questions, get orientated with the program, go grocery shopping and meal prep. The official start day is Monday, April 20th.

You will have all the information with meal plans accessible to you upon signing up for the challenge (1-2 weeks from start date those will be released). The SSS starts out with a 21-day reset in which you will bypass foods with added sugars and even those with large amounts of natural sugars while still having the opportunity to enjoy some of your favorite whole grains, legumes, and dairy. (Check out the NapTown Nutrition Newsletter for more detailed information). The last 7 days will implement a process re-introducing some of those foods we’ve bypassed back into the body in a controlled measure. This is where the magic happens.

Reset your taste buds and break your sugar addiction to see BETTER MOOD, ENERGY LEVELS & SLEEP! Your challenge starts off with 20 min consultation that includes an InBody body composition scans, before and after the challenge to see exactly how the elimination of sugar affects your muscle mass & body fat percentage along with some goal setting for the challenge. You will be part of a supportive FaceBook group and receive weekly meal plans including full grocery lists as well! Combine all this with weekly meet-ups held at 922 members lounge on Saturday Mornings is a recipe for success!
This is not just a repeat of last year's SSS, look at this as a new start to the rest of your life.
We encourage you to utilize this challenge as the last diet you will ever start and roll into our on-going coaching to help build the consistency with habits to ultimately change your lifestyle for good. No more unhealthy yo-yoing on the scale!

Come join us on Saturday Morning, April 18th, as we kick off the SSS with a bang! Let’s all get together, have some coffee and talk about the challenge.

Our top transformations last year:
Lost 12 lbs
Down 5% BF
Gained 2# of muscle!

Prizes include:
  • Bragging rights for 1 year
  • 1 month Free NTN Individualized coaching
  • Free Bag of Ascent Protein
  • Other title sponsorship prizes to come!